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Sammy's Famous Roumanian Restaurant

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On 1/4/2021 at 6:29 AM, joethefoodie said:

I liked Nate's food, when he actually was a chef in a restaurant. Or, before he got smart.

Apparently he’s back in a restaurant again, running one of Brian Malarkey’s 8,000 places on the West Coast. I give it a month before he’s replaced by Ryan Skeen, who will leave two months later himself to open a B&B in Salinas. By then Nate will be the head of chicken sandwich development at Burger King corporate. 

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That's the secret of enjoying Sammy's. Eat as little as possible.

Ketle (sic) One vodka? More like Shtetl One, amirite?

Go with a group.. Its the type of place where if you are eating with 2 people or 6 people you will order the same amount of food, the bar tab is the only thing that will change.   I will speak stri

I know I've told this a few million times, but one night Dani got into a fight from the stage with my waiter.  And my waiter stomped out of the joint in anger -- in the middle of our meal.

Of course, Sammy's being Sammy's, the service wasn't any worse without a waiter.

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