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It was half a year ago and I didn't take notes or pictures!


But fine, yes, I went to Bouillon Bilk. The only course I remember from there was a fantastic pasta (something with seafood maybe?) as a starter, that made me really think about how I like pasta at French-y places way more than at Italian places, because they just end up being better cooked and have better flavors than their equivalents at Italian restaurants.


I only had the shaved foie at Momo Ko once, and it was years ago, but I didn't enjoy that half as much as the shaved foie at CCeP. Per your recommendations, I also got the oysters and the chasse et pêche. I thought the oysters were really great but I no longer have any detailed recollections, and I thought the veal (I think?) and lobster were both among the best I'd had in a long time, just beautiful both separately and together, but I was already quite full by then so I don't even think I finished that course.


I made a mental note to go back to Montreal at some nicer time of year, but sadly I don't think I'll be back again until this year's NIPS in December again.

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Currenly on the list:   Restaurants:     Au Pied De Cochon (been to before and had the best raw platter we've had in North America)   La Chronique (good reviews on other sites)   possibly Br

another thing - most coffee shops (and there are many of them) either use Illy or roast their own (it seems like the horrible environmental effects that seem to make this impossible in Manhattan do no

A very good meal at Les Chevres.   Not a very large restaurant, seating maybe 50 at capacity (a lot less when we were there), with a seemingly low investment in decor, but a full realization of a c


Which are the two weeks that are nice there?

Late May to early October.


Patrick's statement about January and February is a severe understatement.

The only time we went in January (visa appt) I remember hardly being able to make it from Rachel & Colomb to APDC. Memorably crunchy snow on the ground, burning ears, the works. And this was coming from Minneapolis.


Mid-late September offers the most reliably nice two weeks.

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Ok, I'm going to be able to spend a few days in Montreal while I'm up in CA this summer.


I've already got ressies at Joe Beef, Le Club Chasse et Peche, and Le Chien Fumant.


Seeking recommendations or replacements, I'm totally open. We'll be staying on the Plateau.


Looking for fabulous grocery stores as well, as we'll be staying someplace with a kitchen AND we'll be taking goodies back to Toronto with us.

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Joe Beef and Chien Fumant are fairly redundant, swapping chien fumant for something else might be worthwhile. If you chose it due to where you are staying, Maison Publique is only a few blocks away. Hotel Herman and Bouillon Bilk are good for more modern french fare, 400 coups in the old, Nora Gray for Italian. Ma`tine in the gay village does brunch everyday but mondays and tuesdays, quite good.


As for shops, you cant go wrong at either Jean Talon or Atwater Market. Joe la croute is quite good for bread (near JTM), as is Hof Kelsten and Guillaume. For pastry, the two tops have to be Rhubarbe(plateau) and Patrice Patissier (near Joe Beef) and kouign amann for kouign amann. As for grocery stores, Latina is very good, with some nice specialty products, Lawrence Boucherie is nice for meat.


That is all have got for now.

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