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Long weekend in the Berkshires

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You would be even more surprised if you could see the long list of supporters in the large, glossy brochure. I think part of the strategy is to stretch it the restoration in order to generate even more money. At least, they are doing the job properly.


I neglected to mention the evocative exhibit mounted in the rooms on the bedroom floor. In association with the Museum of the City of New York, costumes and furniture suggest scenes from The House of Mirth.

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I love Williamstown and the surrounding country. I highly recommend staying at River Bend Farm. An intact 1770 Georgian house that's been painstakingly restored with replica materials (hand-smithed nails, milk paints, etc.), and is on the Nat'l Register of Historic Places. It's reasonable, and best, it's not your run-of-the-mill cutesy B&B. Dave and Judy Loomis (friends of the Boyfriend since he went to Williams College in the 70's) are cool old hippies, the breakfast is dynamite, and the rooms are very cozy. They're old sailors, so the place closes in the winter while they spend the cold months on a boat moored closer to the Equator. Here's an okay-ish link:



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Antique-ing in Sheffield, (no buying) and dinner on the way home at a bbq place, The Cookhouse, in New Milford, CT. We each had a sampler. Both of us had ribs, but I had andouille sausage and brisket; R. had chicken and pulled pork. I ate all my ribs and took home half the sausage and brisket to make two additional lunches.


:lol: You have your nerve, Missy!


Y'all could have dropped by.


I've eaten at the Cookhouse. It's pretty good and certainly a good value. You went from Music Mountain to The Cookhouse? Well you probably came within a mile of my house. :lol:

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thanks to MF and to Lippy in particular our first trip to Bershires was fantastic!

Greylock, MASS MoCA, Shaker Village, Tangewood - oh my...

we had lunch at Cafe Latino (quite decent) on MoCA premises and a dinner at Gideon restaurant

mentioned by Omni upthread (probably the best in the area).

And of course Berkshire Mountain Bakery - my dream finally came true...

Honorable mention - Holsten Galleries at Stockbridge - Chihuly but especially Tagliapietra.

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Gideon's was good: nice appetizers and a decent wine list. Mains are mostly pasta and portians are too big but again the food was quite tasty, sort of upscale Macaroni Grill :blush:


we're still feasting on Bershire Mountain Bakery bread: San Francisco and cherry pecan.

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another weekend at Berkshires - this time around Great Barrington (we also stopped at The Bridge of Flowers while on Mohawk trail).

had some beers at Barrington Brewery before heading to Club Helsinki for a night of

cuban jazz - what a great party it was (the food was not memorable though);

had a breakfast in Bizalion's Fine Food - very nice, they truly deserve more business - the place was empty on Sun morning...

and then hiking and scenery watching around spectacular Bash Bish Falls...

ending up with Church on the Hill (even had a cake with church ladies) craft fair at Lennox....

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There's a decent farmers' market in Great Barrington on Saturday mornings behind the Town Hall, near the train station. We picked up some delicious raspberry jam (GG I thought of you as I watched other customers sample every jam and not buy a one!), what turned out to be the best t-bone I've ever had (pastured, no less) from North Plain Farms, as well as some of their bacon. Really, really liked the bacon. Thickish slices, a lot of meat, not too salty.


We stopped into the Berkshire Co-op out of curiousity to compare notes with our own co-op. It was well worth the stop for the tub of Highlawn Farm butter we found. It has that cheesey quality that is often absent in American butter. This is fantastic stuff.

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