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what beers are you drinking?

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threes what might have been helles - 4.6% abv. one of the real frustrations of the local beer scene for me is the lack of availability of the suarez cans - and although I really liked that finback beer there's not really another local brewery that can come anywhere near their quality, so I find the ubiquity of three's vilet pilsner a little frustrating. I have the same basic impression of it that I do of most of the threes stuff - it's fine, but it could be better. that's about where this is too, it's a little lighter bodied than the last two beers, and like last night's beer it's hopped with tettanger, and the basic flavors are very, very smilier, only this is less hoppy, and it's sweet enough that there's some honey in the malt notes. neither of those things is bad, I guess, but this is bigger and less delicate despite the lower abv and while there's no off-putting flavors what's here isn't as well defined as the beers above, although I guess the real problem is that while the honey flavor isn't a problem this is too sweet.

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