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what beers are you drinking?

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tonigt: full moon belgian white ale--it is not really belgian, but a belgian style witbier from the mudshark brewery based in arizona. i quote my beeradvocate.com review:   looks very nice in the gl

Click. Way too young. And let's not forget his great whisky writings.

I'm not a huge fan of the Oberon but it seems the most accessible for the masses so it is the one that is most often on tap. It is a summer beer most change out to Pale Ale for the fall/winter (I lik

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I do, too. People tell me it's too bland. They can drink something else.

you know how the wine hipsters complain about "spoofy wines"? That same dynamic is at play in US craft brews I think. Overalcoholic, too sweet, overly hopped.


For me, I drink the over alcoholic for that very reason.Once we go stronger than an Aventinus, I am drinking for sport. 3 beers is less filling and all one needs to lose the right amount of feeling.


Tonight i had Brooklyn Brewery Local 2. it's a 9 percent. two glasses and I am pretty much tired of being vertical.

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Been trying a bunch of Mexican microbrews. Tijuana Morena is very nice - not exactly a stout, but in the general vicinity. The stuff from Cucapa is a bit sweet for me but I think very good if you ignore that.

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more hoppy stuff:


green flash brewing palate wrecker dipa - kind of muted given the alcohol content, the hops are well contained and the beer is about as balanced as something this size can get.


alesmith IPA - smallest beer of the bunch at around 7.5% abv. this was maltier than I thought it would be, and the hops notes are grassy without being resinous. thought this would be better given how much I liked their extra pale ale and the brewery in general.


alesmith old numbskull barley wine - tastes like a british barley wine brightened with hops. first thing to hit my wrecked palate is sweet, followed by hops and alcohol. pretty quaffable for it's size. this is what bonner was talking about. this bottle would probably have been a lot better in six months.


sierra nevada hoptimum - I have an irrational fondness for this brewery, probably because it's ubiquitous regular products were a lot better when I started drinking them. that said I really liked this, huge body, extremely hoppy, nicely citrus, piney, etc etc. I won't say it's balanced but I think it's a great example of the style and a good value at 10.99 a four pack.


eta I'm finishing the hoptimum and still really like it.

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Been trying a bunch of Mexican microbrews. Tijuana Morena is very nice - not exactly a stout, but in the general vicinity. The stuff from Cucapa is a bit sweet for me but I think very good if you ignore that.


Tempus Reserva Especial - very fruity, sort of Belgianish, not my thing.


Minerva Stout - very good - coffee and cigarette flavors.

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stillwater artisanal ales - beer table table beer - bottle purchased at beer table pantry - honestly one of the better beers I've had. it's a yeasty pale ale that's a relatively light 4.7%. this beer really has everything going for it. nice biscuity malt flavors, yeast, and prominent but not overdone hop flavor. a friend who has a much better palate than I do recently told me he thinks the stillwater stuff is overdone and this definitely isn't, just a really subtle, nice beer. words are failing me here, just really, really, really great stuff. blah blah. I'll probably get a growler of it next time I'm in the area.


mikeller - black buffalo - really pretty bad. this is a 19.2% abv stout that's been aged in bourbon barrels. I've had the base beer, which I think is just the black, on tap and in bottles and it's one of the better "extreme" beers that I've had. given the abv it has a remarkable amount of beer flavors and avoids making beer into a bad dessert wine the way the dogfish stuff can be. this just tasted like inexpensive whiskey. I guess someone might have a use for a light bodied bourbon that's only half strength, but I don't.


peak brewing - hop noir - not sure what to make of this one. very light body for 8.2% abv, doesn't taste like a hoppy pilsner, a lot of lemony flavors going on for a black beer. I'll probably buy it again.


ama - bionda - this is a golden colored italian ale brewed in collaboration with brooklyn brewery. comes off like a boring triple. not nearly as good as the other italian microbrews I've had, but cheaper. I think some of the brooklyn products are pretty good, I really like sorachi ace and most of the brewmaster's reserve stuff is good, but I think I prefer the BAM ale and even local 2 to this.

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Miss A opened up a beer and wine store in San Diego. So, during this time, we have been drinking a ton of beers.


We catered a wedding this weekend and were drinking some good beers while we did so. Keeping up with the good cheer, we went to the 4th ave pub in brooklyn. This is an awesome spot to drink some good beers. We started with Bear Republic, brought to you by the same good folks who make Racer 5. I love Racer 5. But they had Bear Republic Heritage on Tap, that was pretty amazing.. Actually, Miss A had the Bear Republic, I had a Green Flash Le Freak. I was surprised to see they had the Lagunitas 120 Min IPA. This was a 20 percent beer. Not too barley winey but, it definitely was strong as hell. 13 bucks for a bottle. We tried the Ommegang Hennpin Saison Farmhouse Ale. This was an interesting beer. It's a nice alternative to a Weiss. A really interesting Scottish Ale from Brekenridge Brewery but, I don't remember the name.


A little Sumpin Sumpin remains to be a favorite of mine. Bear Republic, Stone and Lagunitas make me happy.

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