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what beers are you drinking?

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tonigt: full moon belgian white ale--it is not really belgian, but a belgian style witbier from the mudshark brewery based in arizona. i quote my beeradvocate.com review:   looks very nice in the gl

Click. Way too young. And let's not forget his great whisky writings.

I'm not a huge fan of the Oberon but it seems the most accessible for the masses so it is the one that is most often on tap. It is a summer beer most change out to Pale Ale for the fall/winter (I lik

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that looks incredible.


really love all that beer geek breakfast/weasel/whatever stuff. the koppi ipa is decent.


yeh, that was just their bottles, they had 30 beers on tap that night. Perhaps 10 of them were more mikkeller. The 19 hops, I drank several of. We were they for 6 hours when, the bar closed. It was quiet a shock.

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Got a nice beer from this place up in Maine. It had a light fruit after taste but, was not obnoxious. A very nice beer.




This place has a location in Ohio and then Wilks-Barre Pa as well. This was a decent Doppel bock. Perhaps a little to light, not enough creaminess of body to it but, it was a good attempt. I was impressed but, not in love.



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I'm on a Lagunitas kick now and enjoying their limited edition Lagunitas Sucks. The beer got its name when one year they brewed this instead of the cult favorite, Brown Shugga (which is back btw) and they received lots of hate mail.


Almost burnt orange in color, hoppy, citrusy and delicious. Their writeup's of each of their beers on the labels are fun to read as well.

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Pours a deep chocolate brown with dark lacing. Aroma is bready and bretty, sweet dark fruit - and lots of it. Mouthfeel is medium with notes of sweet dark fruit, light sweet roast, caramel, spice and bready malts. Opaque dark brown liquid with medium light tan head. Aroma of sweet licorice, red berries, chocolate, light vinegar, light apples and raw sugar. Taste is light to medium sweet and light bitter with notes of red berries, light lemons and fruity brett. Opaque black with a creamy light brownish head with good retention. Nose has very fruity, almost berry-like accents with spicy components that reminds of bubblegum as it has a light tart note. The aroma has notes of chocolate, roasted malt, and brettanomyces. The flavor is sweet with notes of chocolate, roasted malt, and brettanomyces, leading to a tart finish.Aroma and taste are roast malt, chocolate, caramel notes, coffee notes and notes of brett.


And so on.




In most beer styles Brettanomyces is viewed as a contaminant and the characteristics it imparts are considered unwelcome "off-flavours."


(home brew)

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This was a collaboration between Mikkeller and two other breweries. Which beers are going to be at Torst.



So how does this work. Does he brew something for 15 minutes, maybe squeeze out a couple of kegs, and then move on to something new? Enquiring drinkers would like to know.

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