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Drew's Bayshore Bistro

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But it was really that good. I had thought the reports might have been exaggerated. Newp.


We dodged lightning bolts to get there, but it was entirely worth it. The Voodoo shrimp with spicy worcestershire cream sauce over jalapeno cornbread is extraordinary. I nearly disgraced myself by licking the plate clean. Lex had the barbequed pork strudel with cheddarjack cheese and pickled jalapeno coleslaw, terrific, and we both had the jambalaya, really spicy. I had mine topped with shrimp creole, because I am given to excess. Just wonderful, big, juicy shrimp, boy, that was good.


It left me wondering how we had managed to avoid the place for so long. It is rather a distance for us, but it would be worth even a longer drive. BYO. I had to stop by the kitchen on our way out and gush over Drew a little.

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The fundraiser is not this weekend. It's on Sunday, February 10th.

But it was really that good. I had thought the reports might have been exaggerated. Newp.   We dodged lightning bolts to get there, but it was entirely worth it. The Voodoo shrimp with spicy wor

In 2013, Drew served lunch for a very short period of time. A cheeseburger was on that menu. It came with fries and assorted things on the side. The burger was terrific, so I'm glad he's resurrected

We went last Friday on a day where the New York area was being pounded by violent thunderstorms. Biblical stuff. We were cornered by one earlier in the day and decided to wait it out under shelter instead of running out into a large parking lot and trying to find our car amidst the lightning strikes. Second best decision we made all day.


That evening as we approached the restaurant the skies opened up again and for 5 minutes it was as if someone was playing a fire hose over the car. This time around we were lucky and the storm passed in time for us to have a pre-dinner drink at a handy bar.


Drew's serves very nice food in a casual setting. The decor lulls you - clearly there wasn't a lavish budget for furnishings but it's pleasant enough. The food, however, makes you sit up and take notice. That BBQ pork strudel was outstanding.


The service was actually pretty polished for a place off the beaten path. This place is a keeper.

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Ooh. That pork loin dish was vast; I'd forgotten. Actually, the portions are more than generous. Drew-sized. I'm glad he's a finalist and hope he gets the award. Very affable guy.


Keyport is one of those funny old shore towns that God forgot, rather quaint in its way. A little like Atlantic Highlands, although somewhat shorter on charm. If you want to have a little pop before dinner, McDonough’s around the corner on Front St isn’t bad at all. The music can be a little obnoxious but the drinks are reasonable and the crowd is fine. Lex calls it “McKeyport.”


I'd like to get back there--that bistro flatbread looks good, although I doubt I could pass up the voodoo shrimp. The scallops are real good, too, and he knows his way around a pork chop. Seems to me that Lex had the chicken cordon blue (sic) once and thought it was only okay. And there was a mac and cheese side to a chop that wasn't all that. But that jambalaya.

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Just went for the first time last night. Took my parents since they love New Orleans and it was a casual restaurant (getting my dad to put on a collared shirt is a 2x a year task, when someone dies)


The closest thing I could explain it to my wife, who couldn't come was...it's the New Orleans-ish Sophies Bistro. Same vibe.


Not groundbreaking food, but solid, really well made and flavorful food that you can't get a lot of in NJ.


We had:

Voodoo shrimp

BBQ Pork Rillets

Blackened Mahi Mahi

crawfish etouffee



All were great. Very large portion of the jambalaya. I could only eat half of it. It was very spicy. My father loved the crawfish etouffee...and both my parents make a trip at least 2x a year to New Orleans for the food, and they loved this place.


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Thanks for the report. We've been meaning to get back there and now I'm even more motivated.


After way too long an absence (about a year!), we finally made it back to Drew's a few weeks ago. Perhaps these photos will be an additional incentive for you.



Great pictures, Rozrapp. Thanks for sharing them.


I especially like how many dishes are plated on dish designs which flatter the colors etc of the food. It's much more attractive to me than a monochrome plating design

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