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I'm the worst person to be doing this.

Can everyone who is going weigh in?

There's no point in accepting a 5:30 res when we know already 2 people are going to be late.

The other option is the other restaurant. Maybe they can seat us at 7.

Joan can't make it, by the way. She has something better to do, apparently!


I just called Nichole - she can push us back to 6:00. Is that okay for everyone? Merlin, I let them know there might be a straggler or two coming in a bit later and hope that works for Russ a little easier. (I know it works best for Paula and me - but I haven't heard from MR or Scorched Palate). Paula and I will be at the Farmer's Market, wandering about.


Sorry to jump in Steve - mea culpa.

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Early is perfect! We've got to leave to go back home at the crack of dawn on Wednesday, so the earlier time is much better for us. RG, thanks for doing this--I know it's not an easy task.


And for those backing out at the last minute or unable to make it, your ears will be burning... :lol:


Is it raining there?


Edited to add that I just saw Carolyn's post about the Farmer's Market--is it still on? I thought someone said it ended Labor Day. I hope it is. I need pumpkins! And lots of other stuff!!

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And for those backing out at the last minute or unable to make it, your ears will be burning... :lol:


I'm getting used to it. I'm really sorry to miss the evening. It's actually something considerably more pressing than the CRV on the beer cans and trust me when I say I wish I could get out of it and join you all. Perhaps I'll send RG with some details for you while you're all in an expansive mood.

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Ack! Steve told us we were talking about 7pm. But now that it's 6, we're going to have to bow out. Cameron's has a brand-new job in Los Altos (about an hour south of SF proper) so he'd have to leave work at 3:30 to make it to Sonoma by 6 -- and that would mean the two of us taking separate cars.


MR, we're truly sorry we won't be able to meet you and your husband. :( Please drop us a line the next time you're coming to San Francisco; we'd love to meet you for a drink or a meal.



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Ah, SP, I'm so sorry... If I weren't going up for a lunch appointment earlier in the day, I'd offer you a lift!


Can we get a revised head-count for the reservation? I think I initially counted GalPalJoan a page or two ago in this thread.


Maison Rustique + 1

Merlin + 1


Ms. Wolfert



That is seven, correct?

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I was waiting for Maison, but I'll step in with what I ordered... Actually, we all ordered three-course tasting menus but with varying courses and a few extra bites added in by Chef Pressman. I'm hoping others will chime in as I'm sure I'll forget stuff.


I remember an amuse of a light peach soup that (I believe) was topped with Prosecco for a light, fruity start.


There was also some oysters on the half-shell which were topped with a chili-pepper granita which was truly amazing as the pepper was not overly spicy.


I started with a forest mushroom ragout, cheddar grits, and Madeira jus. This dish was so amazingly rich that I deliberately ate half to save the rest for breakfast the next day. It was fabulous.


There was an inter-course of terrine of foie gras with (if memory serves) caramelized figs. Perfection.


My main course was a natural veal medallion, roasted carrots, spinach, and cardamom. Again, I only ate half...


I chose cheese as my dessert course. This was so amazing I pulled out the iPhone to shoot a picture - NINE cheeses, many of which the Chef is buying young and un-finished, doing much of the curing himself. I'm sorry I didn't write down all the cheeses but this is hands-down the BEST cheese plate I have had in a restaurant EVER.



Lastly, the waitstaff was amazing in keeping up with the fact that we all ordered wine pairings which went with each course. I'm sorry I didn't keep track of all the wines but the pairings were very exceptional as was the entire meal. Not to mention the company...

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