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On the whole, the food is blander -- or rather not as spicy -- as you might usually expect.



I agree on the spiciness. This is why hotsauce was invented. :)


Agree on both counts. Even though the hot sauces there are not as hot as I'd like. I'm going to try to get Paul to go back there tonight, post-City Center. A quesadilla and another ceviche would hit the spot.

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We did go there. Had the hamachi ceviche and the quesadilla with huitlacoche. Both were excellent -- the ceviche was very lemony tart, balanced with little blobs of heat paste and diced cucumber, and the fish had very good flavor. Garnished with a slice of the fried avocado: that was indeed yummy. The quesadilla (open-face, on a flour tortilla) seemed to have a touch of truffle oil, but just a touch so it wasn't overpowered.


Based on sneakeater's comments, we ordered the Carnitas de lechon. Yes: moist inside, crunchy on the outside, and very piggy in flavor. Just enough heat. And a big portion! We also got the chile relleno, which may have been the best version I've ever had: fresh poblano with a bit of a bite, stuffed with cheese and lots of spinach, also some dried fruit, and topped with crema, shredded cheese, and strands of vegs (jicama and cucumber??). So much more interesting than the standard mild-cheese-stuffed chile dipped in egg batter. The flavors went from vegetable to fruit and back, and the chopped dried figs and (?)sliced almonds gave a texture contrast. Very good dish.


The grapefruit version of the Margarita (with muddled grapefruit and Jarrito grapefruit soda) had more of the flavor of the tequila, but just as much of it :blink: as the jicama/cucumber version. Hic. Nice Spanish tempranillo by the glass, too.


Molten chocolate cake with dulce de leche cake was good -- not quite as good as the chocolate bread pudding, but still good.

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Toloache Taqueria, 83 Maiden Lane (between William and Gold) Noticed a mention by Flo Fab yesterday that it would be open today--and it is! Menu here.


Prices look as though they are meant to total to an even figure when they add the tax; might as well just include it and let people know, cause it just looks weird this way.


One small service glitch, but hey, it's the first day.


Paul picked up three tacos (the minimum order for tacos), two mushroom and one brisket. Very tasty, would be a good lunch for one. Since we ate them at home, we could add our own salsa, but if you take them back to your office, you might need to buy one of theirs (add-on). There is seating there, though.


So once the UES Toloache is open, Chef Julian Medina will have five places.

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thank you Suzanne for the menu; i was wondering what they'd do considering the space. they were doing f & f earlier this week but we weren't able to make it. from the looks of the menu, it's geared towards lunch takeout/delivery - did Paul see the hours?

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a quick and disappointing snack. the brisket tacos probably still the best offering (the only one i'd consider in a pinch if i didn't have time for Adrienne's pizza) but the huitlacoche tacos bland and the chicken posole a joke: a cup of broth with 5 pieces of hominy and a chunk of chicken - with a bone - hiding at the bottom.

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