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It's official. Slapsiefest will take place Sunday, October 14 at my house. Rather, on my porch. Everyone is invited to meet Slapsie Maxie, who is gracing our shores. There may also be a surprise guest. I'm working on it. ! Slapsie has requested TexMex and he's gonna get it!


Memesuze is bringing Spanish rice and sangrita. I'm making RG beans, nachos and providing mass quantities of tequila. NYTexan is making pulled pork enchiladas. As he so quaintly put it, "It gives me the chance to smoke some butt."


Come on over. Bring food. RSVP here.

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Damn, I have to be somewhere else that day.

Double damn, I met up with Slapsie here at the American Royal BBQ in KC last night. You guys are going to have sooo much fun.

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Just saw this thread


Well, you all ( did I get that right!) are just the best y'hear ( was that a bit too much?)


I shall be arriving at Austin's lavish international terminal at midday, pick up a car of some sort and be at the Austin Motel by 1-2pm


I shall, no doubt, head next door to Jo's for a bottle of beer with a wide neck and then get a cab to the desired location


Now then. in terms of boozage, what should a man bring to serve with mex of the tex kind?





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