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We also need a pre-Spamalot dinner venue and were rather pressed for time given schedules of various bolderite family members. I remembered that in my last DCPA envelope, we had received a flyer for Corridor 44, a small wine bar/restaurant located next to Rioja on Larimer, just a few blocks from the theater. The card advertised two small plates, two large plates and a shared dessert for $44. They also offered a free glass of champagne. Sounded perfect if we could just get ourselves down there in time. The traffic gods were with this us as were the parking gods as we rolled into a spot on Larimer, across from Corridor 44 at 6:50 -- this is going to be close but I figured with only a few choices for the prix fixe, we should be OK.


There was a table for four, outside on the street that was perfect. We took our seats and made our choices -- cured meat plate for the boy, crab spring roll for Mr. H, and green curry mussels for the ladies. Main courses -- prawns in a BBQ sauce with black beans for me and 3 duck confit. Other main courses included a steak option, a vegetarain mushroom option and maybe one other.


The cured meat place was a big hit, very thin slices of jambon, prosciutoo and one other meat with perfectly grilled bread, a gorgonzola sauce, olive tapenade spread and a little composition of artichoke and fennel. The plate was a little light on the meat, but the composition was very nicely done and everything was fresh and good. The spring roll was full of crab, carrots and other vegetables and received a thumbs up. The green curry mussels were the heartiest dish. In addition to the mussels and the green curry sauce, there were grapes, greens and again plenty of grilled bread for sopping up the delicious (and pretty spicy) sauce.


I am not sure the duck confit was actually confit, but it was tasty. It looked more as each diner received a nicely roasted duck leg/thigh combination with an orange sauce and a nice side of confettied Israeli cous cous. The duck was cooked well but the sauce was somewhere between au jus and a true orange sauce and all three diners said that the citrus flavor was not strong enough. Not offensive, but it could easily be corrected. The Prawns were tasty, a bid overdone on their skewers. I really enjoed the black beans with bits of bacon (mmm, bacon) that accompanied the prawns.


Creme brulee was a nice sized portion with perfectly crisp, carmelized crust. Although we had ordered the chocolate souffle as soon as we sat down, they forgot to fire it so we had to take it "to go" or we would have missed the curtain.


We dashed off and got to our seats just as the lights were going down!


Considering that we created our own problems by arriving so late, we all thought that dinner was a great success and agreed to return and give the kitchen more of our time and attention. The food was good, the prices reasonable and the service and staff did their best to completely accomodate our tardiness without an attitude of "what were you thinking?"

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