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Philadelphia recommendations

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is philadelphia in the mid-atlantic?   we'll be there for for 3 days at the end of the month. i'm looking for recommendations for casual, inexpensive lunch in and around the convention center. and a

Thanks for that.

Amada.a tapas bar downtown,was lovely1&1/2 years ago,and I think that the same chef has opened another place elsewhere in Philadelphia.I know it's above your listed $,...but my meal at Vetri was f

yeungling lager sucks.


Agreed that Yuengling is nothing spectacular. But you're within stumbling distance of many excellent beer bars...


Try Monk's Cafe on 16th St just north of Spruce. Maybe a 10 minute walk from the Convention Center. They do a damn fine lunch there too. Incredible selection of Belgian beers. Walk 7 blocks south to Spruce St, turn right, walk west to 16th, turn right and it's one building up that block on the west side of the street.


Also, Ludwig's Garten, on Sansom St., between 13th and Broad. What Monks is to Belgian beer, Ludwig's is to German beer. Good sausages and kraut and such too. A 5 minute walk from the Convention Center, and fortuitously close to Capogiro's gelato joint at 13th and Sansom. Spectacular gelato not to be missed. Walk south to Sansom St and walk towards broad and you'll first pass Capogiro at the corner of 13th and then walk past Ludwigs before you get to Broad St.


Also, the beers at the Independence Brewpub across the street from the Reading Terminal Market are respectable as well... a negligible walk from the Convention Center.

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brief notes:


the pork sandwich at dinic's is a good thing. a very good thing. if i worked near the reading terminal market i'd be eating it on a regular basis. it is in the genre of the katz' pastrami sandwich: simple, earthy goodness. not as sublime an experience as the katz' pastrami but very, very good. we got ours with some steamed spinach on top, and added some horseradish.


szechwan tasty house was decent to good. the mapo tofu was the best thing on the table, and the spicy dumplings were pretty good too. everything else was above average but nothing to write home about. our friends were excited anyway since they've been unable to find even a decent sichuan/szechwan restaurant in philadelphia.

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Aren't you supposed to be in Colorado? If not, how about Le Bec Fin?


i'm in colorado now. as for le bec fin, you must have my paycheck confused with someone else's.


Try the lunch menu if you get a chance. I had the tasting menu a few weeks ago and it was definitely on a par with my favorite New York restaurants, only more expensive: :lol:




I have tremendous respect for Georges Perriers' ability to keep Le Bec-Fin functioning at such a high level for over 30 years. Of course, repeatedly raiding "Daniel's" kitchen for talent is a pretty sound strategy, but i am impressed regardless. If Le Bec-Fin was only cheaper than its New York competition, I would go more often.

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We're heading down to Philly for a few days between Christmas and New Year's, so I would like to get some recommendations for casual places and mid-range "nice" places (entrees in the $20s). I looked on some past threads, and the Chinatown restaurants are options, as is Matyson's. It's been ages since I've been to Philly, and the last couple of times I was there I only ate at the Reading Terminal Market. We'll be staying in Center City with no car, so West Philly and the 'burbs are out. Thanks.

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In addition to the stuff on the other thread...


La Colombe does really fantastic cappucino & espresso. For a bit of a splurge you might try Brasserie Perrier on Walnut, which is Le Bec Fin owner's less expensive bistro. I personally still like Dmitris (there's a newer one on 22nd, and the old BYOB on 3rd and Catherine) but only when I get to order my way: namely, a bunch of appetizers involving shellfish (two of the octopus, trust me), the wonderful hummus, and some sort of salad, and then maybe share an entree for the table (I like the lamb). The sides that come with the entree are awful. Well, the escarole is OK... Sansom Street Oyster House is another great old-skool typa place. Chloe and Fork were sort of the very first of the BYOB places in old city, but I haven't been to either of them in a long while. Black Sheep pub on...17th (south of Walnut) is a nice place to have a burger and get your drink on. There was also a pizza place featured by Bruni in the times a few months ago -- that's on my list for the next time I'm in town, in January or May. Capogiro, definitely. Stephen Starr places can be kind of fun, if you are in the mood for OTT atmosphere. Monks and Ludwigs...I would go more for the beer than the food to be honest, but I've gotten rather picky about sausage and potatoes in the past few years. :)


(All this stuff is in Center City.)


Might be worth merging the two threads.

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