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I've liked just about everything Judd Apatow has been involved with (including Cable Guy, Anchorman, and Taladega Nights) but I have strong fears that Walk Hard is going to suck. I hope I'm wrong.



Well I just watched the DVD and I'm happy to say that Walk Hard doesn't suck, but I don't think anyone's going to bust a gut laughing. Very much a parody of Walk the Line/Ray/Great Balls of Fire/Etc... pretty spot-on. So in that way closer to a Zucker/Abrams/Zucker movie than yer typical Apatow production. (Though it features all the Apatow regulars.) Despite rampant nudity, drugs, language, violence, the humor is very gentle. Songs are very good, actually. Worth a rental.

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Watched it on DVD last night. Meh. Tried too hard. The scene with the Beatles would actually have been very funny if they hadn't each identified themselves by name. I guess the writer or director assumed most of the audience wouldn't know who they were supposed to be? I did laugh out loud at the line early in the film after the machete fight: “I'm cut in half real bad.”

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