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I looked for a thread on this place and suprisingly have not found anything..


A couple of months ago, I was in San Fran.. Miss A being a big fan of pastry has heard such amazing things about this place. Our first morning in San Fran, we were here at some crazy hour for being on vacation..


Now I am not a big breakfast guy.. A couple of bloody marys and a Cuban Sandwich or a Steak is really fine by me, but desserts are pretty good too..


It is actually pretty difficult to eat cake first thing in the morning so, we decided to go Ham and Cheese Croissant first sort of to wake up the stomach.. The croissants here are fantastic, super buttery, super flaky, and I love the outer shell.. Really, a top top top notch pastry right here..




Almond Croissant..Miss A is a huge fan of the Almond C's.. Bouchon Bakery is in the running for her favorite in New York but, I personally believe this is on another level. I could not believe the quality of this sucker.. The outside is obviously just perfect from the photo..




But inside is really where this pastry shines.. Filled with sliced almonds and almond flour, among things I can't identify.. But it tasted just like a creamy marzipan pudding mixed with all of these thinly sliced almonds.. This thing is really so wonderful.. The way to eat this would be to open it up and eat in pieces.. If you just take a solid bite the crust over powers the wonderful filling.. Writing this now, I forgot how good this was..




Ok so we hit a stride here, already crazy happy with the first two choices, why stop.. I love coconut, Miss A loves Passion Fruit.. Coconut Passion Fruit Cake you say? Erra, sure, erra, why not, erra.. Cake was nowhere near what my imagination made it to be but, it was still wonderful.. Great cake, the filling could have been better, but the other side of that piece was just an end so there was a ton of coconut icing.. I suffered through it..




Finally for dessert, we had this puppy.. I dont remember exactly what they called it but, this was amazing.. Coconut Cream Pie maybe.. But let me describe what it was. The little bowl its sitting in is pastry.. Then they lined the shell with chocolate.. Then the covered the chocolate in this amazing, amazing salty creamy caramel.. Then they topped the caramel with a wonderful coconut pudding.. Then whippedf cream on top of that.. Unbelieveable..




We left stuffed, jittery from like three fancy coffees each, and ready to see San Fran.. That day we walked close to 8 miles..

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We left stuffed....


Take note people, you will never hear these 3 words uttered again by Daniel! :)


Thank you Daniel, as ever for a delicious post.


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i live 2 blocks from tartine and have been there way too many times. my favorite items are the morning buns and the ham and cheese. the make a good pressed sandwich too(only available after noon). i do have to say that the cakes i've had from there haven't impressed. and only go on weekday mornings.


oh, they call it a "coconut cream tart."

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Haha, I think you are right. However, my appetite has been shrinking lately. My next review will be the bacon cheese burger and fries I ate at Oscar's in Berkley and the tasting menu I had 30 minutes later at Chez Pannisse. :lol:

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Yeah, I'm about four blocks away and soon will be one block away. I have to say it's rare that I decide what's inside Tartine will make it worth spending an hour in line outside. And since I work on weekdays, that means I never go there. I do miss the days when they first opened -- I was in there almost every day for something or other. I wish they would bake their bread on a normal schedule.


Next time you're in the neighborhood, stop by Mission Beach Cafe...

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Went went on a weekday both times.. There was no line, we were able to go up multiple times in one visit reodering coffee and items.. That would have totally ruined if for me if my experience was how others described.. No place or no thing is ever worth that type of hassle to me..

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Ahhh thats great.. I would definitely try this place.. I know that Ling had written about this place on her trip out to San Fran.. We also went to another bakery that I will be writing up.. You will be my motivation for finishing up this trip we did..

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