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Based on a CH recommended, I headed to Cocina Poblano for lunch today. That is pretty rare as I have eaten considerably less Mexican food the further away from the border I have been moving. Not wanting to steer off the menu my first few times around, I was intrigued with the Super Veggie Burrito. Not because I am a vegetarian -- because I am not -- but because the ingredients started with Grilled Cactus. It also included mushrooms, rajas, potatoes, zucchini, onions, rice & beans, sour cream, cheese, salsa poblana, and guacamole.


What a fabulous burrito! With so many ingredients, I couldn't necessarily pick out the cactus, but the combination was really great and especially with the addition of a pumpkin seed salsa from their salsa bar. Just a bit spicy for me but not overwhelmingly so. Curious if Rancho Gordo (or anyone else) has ever seen pumpkin seed salsa before? Slightly creamy, like a hummus with a bite.


A tall glass of Jamaica and some side chips brought this great lunch to just over $10 and I couldn't even eat HALF the burrito. I'll definitely be back!

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Oh! I'd forgotten about that place which has two locations in the East Bay.. I really wanted to eat there when I lived in the East Bay but never made it. It would be a perfect place to stop on the way home from the Oakland Airport. Grilled salmon torta sounds so good!

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