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Product page.   Zdnet is dubious: "Is the Amazon Kindle going to be a monthly fee nightmare?"   Curious to see how this does.    

I'm pretty sure you can read blogs on the Kindle.

Amazon just unveiled Kindle Matchbook.* Amazon will search all of your past book purchases, and if a "match" exists, allow you to buy the Kindle book for $2.99 or less. At the moment, only 6 of my p

If there were no such a thing as PDF, Amazon would have had to invent it.



I actually like this idea. It helps build the sterilization database once eugenics comes back into vogue.




Just wait until the copyright commando raids your place and you have to find receipts for every one of those PDFs.


DRM is really maturing, isn't it?

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If that's so (I have no reason to doubt it) it makes the list rather uninteresting.


EXCEPT that among the vast majority of people, including the media, the merits of the Sony eBook Readers are largely under-appreciated, especially as compared to the Kindle. It is ONLY among the experienced users (still not that many people relatively speaking) that the relative merits are known. Also, it is interesting that the survey rated the Kindle so low.


Amazon has done a superior job of marketing the Kindle...unlike Sony.


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Yes, 4 stars for the Sony e-Reader (at #1) vs. an absolutely devastating 3.5 stars for the Kindle DX (at #6) and 3 stars for the Kindle 2 (at #10). If anyone can translate the Russian comments, I'd be curious to know how interesting those are as well.

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If anyone can translate the Russian comments, I'd be curious to know how interesting those are as well.


1. Sony PRS-505

The "Classic" and the absolute winner among all the readers since sales began. But it is no longer manufactured since 2009.


2. Pocketbook 301+

The company pocketbook began its triumphant climb with this model, and so they captured 2nd Place in the rankings.


3. Pocketbook 360 °

The novelty of the year 2009! Pocketbook 360 ° could prove a better place if the price is not with the "classical" 6" models would have been comparable.



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the real challenge for writers is electronic-book readers like the Kindle. He says the increasingly popular devices force people to read books in a different way.


"They scroll and scroll and scroll. You don't have this business of handling pages and turning them and savoring them." Grossman says that particular function of the e-book leads to a certain kind of reading and writing: "Very forward moving, very fast narrative ... and likewise you don't tend to linger on the language. When you are seeing a word or a sentence on the screen, you tend to go through it, you extract the data, and you move on."


Grossman thinks that tendency not to linger on the language also affects the way people react to a book when they are deciding whether to buy it: More purchases will be based on brief excerpts.


"It will be incumbent on novelists to hook readers right away


it's hard to know whether traditional books — and the people who read and write them — will have much influence on the culture in the future.


The real question is, "Is that segment of the population going to just dwindle and be on the periphery of the culture rather than at the center, which is where printed books have stood for centuries now?"


How eBooks Will Change Reading and Writing


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Monthly free eBook from UChicago Press, Tim and Tom, available to Adobe Ditital Editions compatible eReaders...


Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen with Ron Rapoport

Tim and Tom

An American Comedy in Black and White

264 pages, 16 halftones 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 ©2008

E-book Free!

ISBN: 9780226709024

Cloth $24.00

ISBN: 9780226709000 Published September 2008


“I have known Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen as comedians and friends since 1975, but I never knew Tim and Tom, the comedy team. This book is four compelling stories in one compilation: One story about Tim Reid, sad, fascinating and uplifting. One story about Tom Dreesen, a man consumed by a goal and a great witness to a bygone era of show business that one can’t help but long for. A third story about seeking recognition in the world of entertainment. And finally, a story about race and culture in a country that should have been farther down the road to understanding, tolerance and human kindness than it was in the 1970s. Tim and Tom is a great story, the best kind of story, well told, about two men struggling to prove themselves. This entertaining book offers many meaningful lessons and vivid reflection.”—David Letterman


Free eBook


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My current bar-tender crush let me play with her Kindle. :)


It's the first time I've ever laid hands on one.


I did like the feel of it more than I expected (although it's still no substitute for a book). But accessing the online store, I tested it by searching for some of the (now) obscure out-of-print writers I like to read. Impressive results. Some things I'd have trouble laying hands on at a good library, available for $3.99. Of course, it helps that the copyright has probably expired on this kind of material.


Tempting. The Kindle, I mean.

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I did like the feel of it more than I expected (although it's still no substitute for a book).


Wilfrid, The ereader grows on you over time.


I now much prefer using an ereader rather than a paper book (pbook)...not to mention the other advantages of an ereader.


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