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The Missie K Thread

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And that's not even considering her pretty spectacular drawings of people. So since you don't sell her work, I need to become a family member so I can be gifted with birthday cards and presents of her work! :D (And I did once commission a portrait of my kitty, so I'd be happy to commission Missie K to draw/paint Kitty's wilder, more violent side!)


Wow, i am just reading this now.. that was so sweet of you to say.. i think she would be happy to draw a picture of your cat! attach a picture and i will show it to her.

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Miss K, never worked on the charcoals before we bought her a couple of pencils yesterday .. We followed her around the museum and had a really fun day..

Just a quick little picture from dinner the other night.. A pic of our black cat. She did it with the server's pen.. Cute..  

Took her to the Lever House yesterday.. It was not open and we were not able to get in.. However, there is a pretty good view from the street.. She was really into the little headless sheep.. Thanks a

Scourge on a simple Paint Program on an old computer in my office. She came to work with me today, she is handing out signed copies of her drawings.. Soon, we get papusas. this is the rough draft before she fixed the eye.



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Thanks so much.. It's amazing what she is doing with the camera.. Even just the angles and the placing of the camera is pretty wild.. She is so artistic, it's shocking to me. Anything she touches, she turns into art and it's so effortless.. I feel really lucky to be apart of her life.

She is 11.75 yrs old.

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I forgot to mention, she made a photo copy of this and gave one to everyone in her class. Apparently, she has a rather large following where kids are offering her money to do private pieces..

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you know that crappy Microsoft paint program that comes with every Windows Computer.. The one that gives you a bunch of straight lines, or that weird oval thing, that lets you do make crude drawings.. I have only made snowmen or used the spray paint can to make something slightly better than what one can produce on an etch a sketch... Well, Miss K, uses this program like, well, i don't know what..


Here are some examples..


Just the expression of the witnesses.



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