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The Missie K Thread

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Miss K, never worked on the charcoals before we bought her a couple of pencils yesterday .. We followed her around the museum and had a really fun day..

Just a quick little picture from dinner the other night.. A pic of our black cat. She did it with the server's pen.. Cute..  

Took her to the Lever House yesterday.. It was not open and we were not able to get in.. However, there is a pretty good view from the street.. She was really into the little headless sheep.. Thanks a

ha! thanks.. she has so many projects going on. I think her problem is, she has so many ideas in her head and it takes so long to bring them to life.. So it's frustrating for her, having to deal with how incredibly slow the process is. She see these full movies in her head and then has to spend a whole day on a couple of frames. I will have to check but, i can assume it's in the to be done file.


This new character, Stitchy Kitty, has a really cool back story. I hope she continues with the story.

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Thank you so much.. Yeh, it really has been a pleasure watching her art work grow. Last night she was taking her animation lesson at home and she learned how to make the background move. She has been studying with this awesome girl who works at The Cartoon Network as an animator. She has become a mentor. They have gone to animation screenings together.


She is now learning the Japanese Language and is talking about first going to Cal Arts before moving to Japan and working at Studio Ghibli. I think she is trying to kill me.

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That's not the point.. She was going to go to Pratt and live in the rental unit. Eventually get a job in Brooklyn, meet a very nice person and settle down.. Miss A and I in our twilight years would then move down into the rental unit and she will move up stairs and we can take care of the grandchildren.. She is ruining everything.. :)

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