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The Missie K Thread

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Miss K, never worked on the charcoals before we bought her a couple of pencils yesterday .. We followed her around the museum and had a really fun day..

Just a quick little picture from dinner the other night.. A pic of our black cat. She did it with the server's pen.. Cute..  

Took her to the Lever House yesterday.. It was not open and we were not able to get in.. However, there is a pretty good view from the street.. She was really into the little headless sheep.. Thanks a

We have not.. We just are in the process of getting the money wired to us.. They are super slow in responding, i will definitely share once we find out ourselves.. Maybe they are being reluctant because we may go direct to the buyer? I don't know..

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Yes, it's ink.. I couldn't imagine all those different strokes, i would go blind and crazy, if I hadn't already..  She chose RISD and is doing really well.   She is doing really well, her teachers love her.. She said, the drawing teacher has used some of her drawings as examples for the class.. She has also reported that she was expecting the work load to be more and that she is looking forward to it getting really tough.    


I am pretty sure, by this point in my freshman year, i still hadn't been to all of my classes. 

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