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Ollies 42

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  • 11 years later...

OK - so this is fairly strange.


Last night, we were (due to a spacing out on my part) over an hour early to see a play at the Signature Theatre. We had walked by an Ollie's on the way to the theatre before we knew we were early, and which we had never had any idea was over there.  


We realized we were a little hungry, and since the play runs 3 hours, we decided not to just drink before the play started, and I said well let's go back to that Ollie's; it's right up the block.


To make a long story shorter, it's actually called Ollie's Sichuan. We ordered 3 dishes, "Cheng-du Style" Lamb, Dry Sauteed String Beans, and hot and sour soup.  The soup was meh, but the other two dishes were surprisingly not bad. I mean, it still seemed to be Ollie's, with service, decor, etc., but I was surprised that the tea actually came over with a tea bag in a pot of boiling water, instead of that pre brewed stuff 99% of the places now do.  And the menu is loaded with Sichuan dishes.


Fully authentic - probably not. In a  pinch before a show at the Sig - why not?


Go figure.

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Yes, something I always look for (and was taught) in a restaurant! They must be doing something right.


FWIW, the table of 3 young people who came in and were seated beside us, ordered some beautiful looking soup - my guess was a Westlake soup, but looking at the menu, it says westlake chowder, and this was not a chowder, so scratch that - whatever it was, it looked great.

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And that other poster on CH didn't like the hot and sour soup either!



So that's twelve years of mediocre soup. There's something be said for consistency.



It's still the same pot!

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