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Happy Hannukah from Dave Grohl covering The Ramones:    

Shouldn't Christmas threads go here, too, then?

Abby, what kind of fat did you use? Unless I use Crisco (now trans-fat free! :rolleyes:), my latkes don't work.

I used a combo of crisco and corn oil.


Baroness, so do you omit the matzo meal and flour?


Yes, I have never used flour or matza meal. Actually, four generations of my family have not used it.

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Cast iron is tricky because it really holds the heat. I think Wilf is correct, you were frying too hot. Guess it was your fault afterall. :unsure:

I would have said the very opposite. Food gets greasiest when you put it into cold oil. The trick is to have the oil hot enough that the food begins to sizzle immediately but not so hot that the surface burns before the item is cooked through. A temperature of about 350F is good. Get a suitable thermometer.

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11 minutes ago, small h said:

Out of curiosity, why is this thread in Middle East and Africa?

The OP explained why she chose to place it Middle East & Africa. There has got to be multiple Hannukah threads on the site.

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