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Happy Hannukah from Dave Grohl covering The Ramones:    

Shouldn't Christmas threads go here, too, then?

If you thought that things were misplaced in this thread before....

This year I convinced Ginny that, in respect for my heritage (as a non-Bar Mitzvah'ed chosen one), we should be exchanging gifts during Chanukah (or however you spell it) & not wait until Xmas morning.  I told her that as I handed her the first of her presents last week, then kept at it as I handed her several more during the holiday.  Of course, this was mean spirited, as I knew that she had not yet gotten around to getting me anything.  So, now I'm done with gift giving, she's happy with the things she got & I'm smirking as she flails around, gift hunting for her beloved.

I am not nice.  But lovable, in my own way.  And on the alert for banana peels on the floor and evidence of increased Life Insurance policies.  Happy Holidays!

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I think I've missed this thread all these years...

Our neighbor the baker gifted us with sufganiyot twice: strawberry jam filling one day, dulce de leche & banana jam filling the other day.  Due to the perishable nature of yeast donuts, most of them ended up in my office.

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