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Within the last 6 months or so, I've been walking down the street, with a narrow pavement, and Steven Spielberg in a group of adults and children has been coming up. Both times, I caught his eye and s

your ellen barkin sighting reminds me of my ron perelman sighting. he nearly fell onto me as he tripped down the steps of his townhouse. i was saved from being crushed under him when his security shov

For.   Sad to think of him. He had a stroke in his early 70s and died, just recently.   Oh, another one. He had a garden party and one of the guests fell down the stairs. I saw Prof Mcdonald ta

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Lots of fighters last night and this morning. I don't know if it's boxing or mma or what. I was going to take a photo with one guy, Stephen Loman, who is on the title card (is that how you say that?), but I thought it might be weird since I have no clue about him or whatever sport he's in.

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