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[SF] Front Porch, anyone?

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Down on 29th or 30th between Mission and Guerrero?


Haven't been yet.


Have you?


Likey? No likey?


It's not far from Emmy's Spaghetti Shack, where we go all the time. My 6-year old loves Emmy's. And so do I...

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I've heard really good reports about Front Porch, and it's been on my list to try for a while. Unfortunately, the one time I tried to go there, they were closed for a private party.


One of the owners and the head chef used to work at Emmy's, so there's probably a good chance you'd like it. (Sadly, my one meal at Emmy's was underwhelming, and I haven't been back.)

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Most people seem to like it, but I've been, oh, about 4 times and really don't like it. The FOH folks are really nice, and they accommodate kids incredibly well, but they (the staff) tend to get overwhelmed and confused. The last two times I've been, everyone in our party received their dinners except for one person, and each time, it took at least 30 minutes for the issue to be resolved and that last person to be served. Of course, everyone else has finished their meal by that time. The last time, it was because the waiter gave our food to another table in error (they had ordered the same things). It makes for a very unpleasant dinner all around, no matter how *nice* everyone is. ETA: Each time, they did comp the delayed dishes.


People love the crab porridge; it's not for me, I guess. Super salty and ultimately not a satisfying dish. And I'm someone who is crazy about grits and Bob's Red Mill's version of Cream of Wheat. :) People love their fried chicken; I think it's a joke. A couple of very tiny pieces without much flavor and really terrible greens. I didn't like the fried conch all that much and their burger is really bad.


As I say, it's a popular place that a lot of people really like, so you should try it and make your own decision.


Don't listen to me--I cannot stand Emmy's. It's a damn shame because I live so close. I think their menus are unbalanced (way too many pasta dishes), really goofy ingredient combinations that simply don't taste good together, and very spotty execution. I will say that always had great service there.


I'd love to hear what you like at Emmy's, however.

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I'd love to hear what you like at Emmy's, however.


We have a kid, who likes to eat early, so we're at Emmy's usually right when they open at 5:30. Therefore never had any trouble with having to wait for a table or our meal.


I'm not the best person to evaluate the menu....because I'm a sucker and always get the spaghetti and meatballs. As does most of the restaurant, from my observation. There have been other things on the menu that have tempted me, but I always bail at the last second and order the spag and meatballs, impulsively, when they come to take my order. I love the meatballs. Seasoned well. Studded with capers. Really lovely. House cured olives are great, too. In the winter, the dessert menu usually features something with lovely red-wine poached pears -- which my kid adored so much that we now have to poach pears at home for him. Sophisticated little snot!


They make fun cocktails and have interesting wines by the glass. You can usually get a Barbera there. Don't see those too often and it's lovely with the spag.


Plus they're good to us with the kid and all.



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