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Did anyone read the piece on the race to grow the world hottest chilis in the food issue last month?




it was interesting to see how closely the search for "the world's hottest pepper" is driven as much by marketing and hype as searches for the world's "hoppiest beer" and equally difficult to quantify titles.


In my case, at least, if a pepper is so hot that I can't taste distinct flavors, it's not something I'd buy. One of the pepper marketers echoes that when he says they sell plenty of some atomic strength sauce, but not many second and third sales to the same buyer.

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the bhut jolokia does have a nice fruity (citrus/apricot) flavour though. i added some (seeds and veins removed, of course) to a large batch of peach chutney this year and if you keep the proportions reasonable (i.e. you're not trying to prove some point) it gives just a bit of a kick to the peach while also rounding out its brighter sweetness. the presence of ginger helps.

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Meidi-ya did have some interesting stuff sometimes. I noticed stores would have the most random things for brief periods of time, then you'd never see them again. Hankyu depachika (the one in Nishinomiya, anyway, which wasn't chika but on the main floor) sometimes had stuff like rhubarb and rutabaga (for very high prices).


If you ever need chiles of normal spice levels, that market in Ameyokocho had thai bird chiles. Frozen, but they still worked.




Got a superb trinidad scorpion salsa from their stand at the farmers market. Very hot but also citrusy and floral - a tiny bit really does it.

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