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43 minutes ago, Wilfrid said:

Manhattan Mouthfuls locates it in Chinatown. Perhaps SoSoHo (South of SoHo).

When I posted above, Googling showed both Chinatown and Tribeca (which @Sneakeatermentioned) claiming it. However, further Googling shows it bridging those two plus SoHo. So, take your pick.

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This is something which could go in the Cheerful or Annoying category, but I think we need a niche for just good old air-headery.   One of the morning news shows featured a discussion of last night

Yes Wilf. Montrous commentary. I will not say anymoore because I'll be violating some our mores.

AAAA!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is apparently a new neurological deficiency. I just went to see if Le Crocodile had switched up it’s menu at last. “This is more expensive than I remembered,” I thought.

And indeed l had searched for Le Coucou. Guys, they’re close!

(I warned my daughter recently that in the last stages of debility I would probably only remember three names: hers, my wife’s and Zendaya’s. The interesting question is which the last will be.)

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When Maida Heatter tells you not to walk away from the broiler, you'd better listen.

Fortunately, the top of my blackberry crumble didn't burn too badly.  The blacker bits are easily removed, and the parts underneath taste good, especially with a little (unwhipped) cream.

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7 minutes ago, small h said:

Stars! They're just like us! Except that they're a lot more convinced that everything that happens to them is interesting.

Definitely more interesting to her generational cohorts.

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