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I love looking at these things...the number of different styles available now is wild!  And it's great that you've perfected the Weber - still one of the finest designed "barbecues' in my opinion. You can do so much on one of those.







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This is something which could go in the Cheerful or Annoying category, but I think we need a niche for just good old air-headery.   One of the morning news shows featured a discussion of last night

Yes Wilf. Montrous commentary. I will not say anymoore because I'll be violating some our mores.

AAAA!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ha, my grill was made by Alabama Joe. He was a nearby neighbor who had a business making custom grills out of various sizes of oil drum. In the summer, he set some up under a nearby El and sold his own BBQ.

Alabama Joe.png

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Our gas grill is an in the ground model. it’s very simple with just two burners. No extra bells and whistles. We love that we don’t have to be bothered with propane tanks. As far as I know, MHP is the only company that makes this kind of outdoor gas grill.


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I am walking down Old Fulton Street recently on the trail of some sculptural installations in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

I pass L&B Spumoni Gardens and have two thoughts:

  • That's weird, I could have sworn it was nowhere near here.
  • I hadn't heard it had closed.

This is of course the new, second location which has not yet opened (research suggests it has been on pause for a couple of years).

Pass me the Dingbat hat.

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27 minutes ago, Steve R. said:

We're all wondering what the hell is going on there.  Its been "ready" to open (signage, furniture and all) for almost a year.

Maybe they figured out that their pizza isn't that great?

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And I don’t care about ice cream, so this is kind of academic, although one respects the history restaurants that many people love.

I was actually reminded to mention this by the active Park Side thread. Noting yet again that I just haven’t been to some of these old survivors; it’s not my favorite food and I would need to recruit a bunch of people to share my not favorite food with me.

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Okay, here’s one I haven’t told. (I hope.)

My company is all remote work, no office. Earlier this year, executives would all meet at JFK for a two day thing.

Dinner? Non-New Yorkers were punching their phones and came up with Don Peppe’s.

Looks great on the phone and not far away. I explained it’s expensive, cash only, big family style, not really a place for business conversations (and ssshh not very good).

We ended up at some unknown Italian restaurant which was not great but at least not such a performance.

Moral is partly listen to the local guy and also partly, why would the local guy know anything good out here?

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Boy's birthday party is later today. Sent out the invite with the location only to discover this morning when I printed out the permit that they gave us a location other than what we requested. Oops. It's been a mad scramble to let everyone know. And the weather sucks.


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