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This is something which could go in the Cheerful or Annoying category, but I think we need a niche for just good old air-headery.   One of the morning news shows featured a discussion of last night

Yes Wilf. Montrous commentary. I will not say anymoore because I'll be violating some our mores.

AAAA!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 hour ago, small h said:

From my FB feed this morning:


Don't tell me your problems.   Husband got up at 5:55 old time this morning.   In the country.  I staggered out after him, cooked hash browns and eggs, stuffed face and went back to bed for 3 hours.     Still have not recovered.

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What was funny to me is that my apartment had two time zones today.  The bedroom (and wherever I carried my phone), where all the clocks switched over automatically, and the kitchen, where I had to do something.

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Yes, same here, but after I corrected the non-digital clocks in the house and left for an appointment I was dingbat enough to look at my non-digital wristwatch and think for a moment I was running late.

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H got up before me and changed all the clocks that needed to be changed, thus making me question whether we'd fallen backwards at all. Then I looked at - you guessed it - my non-digital wristwatch.

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