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This is something which could go in the Cheerful or Annoying category, but I think we need a niche for just good old air-headery.   One of the morning news shows featured a discussion of last night

Yes Wilf. Montrous commentary. I will not say anymoore because I'll be violating some our mores.

AAAA!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Been staring all morning at a reminder I scribbled for myself just before bed last night. Couldn't figure it out. One word, looks like "laundry."


I just got it. It's a reminder about the laundry. :unsure:

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I am linking this only as a set-up for Lex. I think he may have some opinion or other about it.

Oh yes! Although Mr. Bonner is already on the case.




Now there is a new kind of star on the food scene: young butchers. With their swinging scabbards, muscled forearms and constant proximity to flesh, butchers have the raw, emotional appeal of an indie band. They turn death into life, in the form of a really good skirt steak.


And it doesn’t hurt that some people find them exceptionally hot.

To me it looks like he's already found his dream date.


And then we have this hunk 'o burnin' love:




The broody, moody Mr. Mylan, 32, has become such a cult figure that his classes sell out quickly and he sometimes dodges fans, who approach him at parties, and calls from the news media.
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Does anyone want to know what "butcher's groin" is?


Even if you don't, I'll tell you. It's an occupational injury (like housemaid's knee or gamekeeper's thumb). Butcher's rip apart a carcass by pulling a knife through the flesh towards themselves. Good from a mechanical point of view but if the knife slips they're likely to stab themselves in the groin.

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