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There was a post in the feature requests section of eG suggesting a recipe index app. The post got lost during the forum reorganization. Anyway, the idea was to have people volunteer to index recipes from published books. Since it's "meta" information about the book content, there shouldn't be any copyright issues...




Of course the suggestion was shot down as too complicated...



the suggestion has been raised here on several occasions, as well. less from books, more from individual experiences, etc.


The basic problem, as I see it, is many recipes are set in the context of a meal, a potluck, etc, and reside in the thread about that event. That leads to rich threads, but makes finding specific recipes a hit or miss proposition.


The admirable suggestion that all recipes should be placed or referenced in a common thread is an excellent one, but there seems to be no interest in doing so. If any member wants to create links in the Kitchen forum (and perhaps use easily searchable terms), that would be wonderful.

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Won't Google have something like this developed-- not just for cookbooks, but, like, all the information in the universe-- up and running in the next few months? Why do it yourself when a thousand elves are entering the data for you?


I've been resolving for years to get a box full of index cards to organize my own loose recipe crap.


Well for us we needed to enter our own recipes and cost them, and technically speaking it's not that big of a challenge to write it. The basis of collaborative knowledge is individual people making their own contributions, whether is developed by google or someone else...


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