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I had a really good meal here the other night. Best calamari I think I've ever had - grilled. 2 was barely enough for 4 of us. Acceptable oysters. Luscious skate wing, although the preparation was a bit too sweet for me but liked by everyone else. Sea bass w/pureed turnips and kale was very good, although the least interesting of the mains. Sea scallops w/artichoke risoto was only disappointing b/c the menu outside said it had sweatbreads but they had run out. Also a very good papardelle w/mushrooms for the non-seafood eater. Both vegetable sides were excellent (brussel sprouts w/crispy pancetta and grilled cauliflower).


I found the hazelnut chocolate tart a little boring but certainly functional, but the cannoli were the best I've ever had.


We had a nice Albarino and then an Italian red I didn't know anything about but I wish I'd taken the name because it was a really good bottle, both on recs from the waiter.


I would definitely go back and recommend.

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sadly ... (from the Chronicle)

Ciao, Pescheria: While one's in and one's out on Sutter Street, the same is happening in Noe Valley. Saturday will be the last day for Joseph Manzare's Pescheria (1708 Church St.). According to Manzare's wife and business partner, Mary Klingbeil, the location is still in escrow, but if all goes as planned it will soon belong to the Henry's Hunan folks (110 Natoma St.). As for Pescheria, Manzare, who's about to turn Moose's (1652 Stockton St.) into Joey & Eddie's, will reopen the Italian seafood restaurant in the next couple of years in a building at 1600 Market St. (at Octavia). Manzare's been in Tokyo, working on yet another project, but e-mailed that the new building will be a glass and steel flat-iron designed by architect Stanley Saitowitz.


Pescheria's last night will be Saturday. After that, the crew, including chef Jerry McGinnis, will transfer to Joey & Eddie's.



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