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I've got the G12 as well. I just printed out the "important" parts of the PDF manual at 4 pages per sheet, and used both sides. On 20 sheets of paper, I've got 160 pages of the manual. Everything important, in other words.


That was after writing to Canon and complaining about no manual. They didn't really seem too bothered by it.

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I have a Canon 620 but we want something smaller to take to Europe next week. Also, I love the Canon in daylight but I don't like how it performs with a flash, or in low light without the flash. I d

Does anyone have any experience with a "travel zoom/" These are small cameras with a very wide zoom lens. I'm looking at the Nikon 9100 and the Canon Powershot 230. I've read and re-read the test on these cameras on DPreview, but I'm still having trouble making up my mind. Neither is perfect. Has anyone used either one or another similar camera? My Canon G12 takes great pictures for my normal needs, but I'm going to Barcelona in March and I need something smaller and lighter with a longer zoom.

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"The best pocket camera ever made." — The New York Times


Exquisite image quality and high-end handling are available for the first time in a truly compact camera. The Cyber-shot® RX100 features a massive 1" sensor and large-aperture F1.8 lens with integrated control ring for intuitive access to settings. Combined with supreme ISO sensitivity, you'll enjoy richly-detailed results with remarkably low noise even in challenging lighting conditions. Whether you're a pro looking for a premium compact camera, or simply want to take your point and shoot photography to the next level, the RX100 offers excellent quality and SLR-like operation in a sophisticated, pocket-friendly package you'll want to take everywhere.



Sony DSC RX100

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After I lost my beloved Canon G-12 on the 2nd day of a recent San Francisco vacation (fortunately only losing 1 day's worth of pix), I looked at new Canons, Nikons and Sony cameras in generally the same price range. I almost pulled the trigger on the Sony above, but for $200 or so less, I've been pretty happy so far with with my first Nikon digital, the Nikon P-7700.


It has a nice long zoom, shoots great in low light, and has the fully articulated back screen which Canon dropped from their new G15. It doesn't have a viewfinder, however. And it will not fit in a shirt pocket, which the Sony appears able to do.

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