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Melissa Errico

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I quoted these remarks from the Times on another thread:


"Ms. Errico has almost everything: good looks, a well-trained voice and a refined taste in material. The one crucial element missing in her cabaret act is the ability to communicate personal feeling, and the songs in her new show, in which she is accompanied by a soft-rock ensemble, are all about feeling. Although Ms. Errico can deliver the melismas of Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison songs, their spontaneity eludes her."


My experience was the opposite. True, the first couple of numbers made me nervous, as she struggled to fit her big, rich musical theater voice into the small space of a couple of pop songs, but once she relaxed it became a magical show. Van Morrison's "The Way Young Lovers Do"; Billy Joel's "As it Goes"; a passionate reading of Eddie Reader's beautiful "Kite Flyer's Hill"; there was only one show tune, a jazzy arrangement of "I've Grown Accustomed to His Face"; and it wasn't a stretch to include a couple of numbers written by her brother, who played guitar (and an African singing drum) in the band. Full of feeling.


The reviews have clearly given her pause: she asked me afterwards whether I would have preferred her to sing show tunes - "I'm taking a poll, she said." Note, she asked Kristen Johnston, Lili Taylor and Rip Torn before she got around to Wilfrid. Full disclosure - she's even more beautiful face to face. But it's a show to see.

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Trip down memory lane.


That was the Oak Room. I've seen her several times since, including the last couple of times singing all Sondheim at 54 Below.


Last night, for example. "Not Getting Married Today" from Company has been a show-stopper for her in the past, but how she can sing in her full soprano voice while hiding crouched under the piano I don't know.

Great songs, great show, emotional performer. Looking forward to next time.


Her guest Richard Troxell was kind of great too (this is them from last year):


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