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Top Chef Season 4

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oh yeah, I'm watching. How can I not?!


I thought for sure they were gonna axe Mr. I-don't-know-what-piccata-is, or one of the soufflé folks. But I guess they had sympathy for the soufflé people drawing the short straw. Man, those soufflés looked horrid. what was that dude thinking?!

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I thought it was pretty ridiculous/immature when they first started to show up but now that I think about it, it takes lots of stick-em stuff and probably is more hygenic for a kitchen than most other styles.

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When's it on?



It airs first on Wednesdays at 10pm and 5-6 times more over the week in-between. The BRAVO website, however, is one of the wicked corrupted ones so I do not wish to go there again to confirm other show times and risk the wrath of our IT guys again.

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I couldn't make half of those dishes on the fly, without any reference work, so my hat's off to them. But no matter how good a guy's crabcake is, I think he should be eliminated for not knowing what mayonnaise is made of.

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