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[SF] Balboa

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Guest Aaron T

After attending a wine focused house warming yesterday afternoon/evening, some friends and I went to Balboa Cafe in the Marina district for food/drinks. I did not want any more alcohol, so stuck to ice water.


I had a hamburger and fries. Surprisingly the burger was great; it is possible that I was very hungry and may have had lower standards than usual... The burg was cooked medium rare, as requested. It also had some great beefy flavor to it and was nicely spiced with salt, pepper and something else. Was served cut in half on a baguette with french fries on the plate in between the two halves of the burger. The fries were very thin, shoestring style. Fries just ok. The accompanying pickles were homemade according to the menu. Baguette was a nice touch, much better than the overly soft burger buns that some establishments use.


The crowd, well it was the marina. I said the crowd reminded me of Dorian's on the UES of Manhattan, but 5-10 years older in age; and someone else at the table from new york agreed. Some guy even walked in wearing a blue searsucker suit. There aren't too many places where you can get away with that in March in SF. A preppy crowd in general.


I sampled the tuna tartare, which was fine/good. Enjoyable but not of note. Popular as 4 were ordered at our table over the course of the time I was there. (We seemed to order in waves as we got hungry. :rolleyes: )


This restaurant is owned by the Plumpjack Group.


If I am in the hood I'd go back for the burger. The waitress seemed to be helping half the restaurant, but despite that she took good care of us. Commendable. The place was packed.... Not the scene I cam imagine many MFers are looking for but when in Rome.

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