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The Front Porch [SF]

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Guest Aaron T

The Front Porch is located at 65 29th Street, just west of Mission in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of SF. It serves a mixture of Southern and Caribbean cuisine.


Parking is a pain in this area; I parked in the parking lot of a Safeway Supermarket directly behind the restaurant and hoped for the best as I saw no street parking nor paid parking available nearby.


Shared a bottle of Malbec, ($28) which was perfectly fine.


The meal began with complimentary corn bread. Each piece of cornbread was shaped like corn on the cob with lots of little kernels. Enjoyable and cute. Didn't feel precious. With butter. I could have eaten 3 or 4, but we were served one per person. (I didn't ask for more.)


Shared apps of sliced cucumber in water, and several portions of ceviche. The cucumber was fine but bland; didn't try the ceviche. Shared a bucket of chicken with 2 sides. The bucket was served in a movie theater style tub with some popcorn sprinkled in. Very good fried chicken (not the best ever but worth eating a second piece of). The bucket came with 8 pieces, I had 3. More than enough. The two sides were grits and maraconi and cheese pie. Both were delicious. They had a single entree portion of fried chicken as well as the larger bucket size (5 of us shared 2 buckets). Put the boneless crap they served us at 1300 to shame.


We left full with no room for dessert. All in it was about $30; very fair.

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