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how come we don't have one already?   I'm inspired by the roasted red pepper I'm eating right now at my desk, marinated overnight in EVOO, red chilli and garlic, the strips rolled with anchovy and c

Wow. This is a way better lunch thread. I enjoyed reading all of it. I'll add my pedestrian goodies when I eat them.

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The last of the summer minestrone (the Rogers/Gray recipe I used as a guide made a vast vat of the stuff, and after serving it at a dinner, sending guests home with some and enlisting a friend for another meal I still had some left). A piece of pane Pugliese. Blueberries. I feel very ready for the big swim I have planned for later.

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I'd been reading a food blog of a vacation in Taiwan, with all the attendant wonderful food. All the dim sum and potstickers and lovely crispy things caused a crave, and what did I cook but a grilled cheese sandwich.


I went out to the tomato plants, selected a nice red round beauty and sliced it into thinner-than-usual slices. To the grater for a nice handful of Tillamook Cheddar, a lump of ditto butter into the pan. Cheese on both slices of bread, to keep the tomatoes from sliding during the turn. Salt on the tomato side, into the sizzly pan, under a lid for the first browning, then the turn, the cut, the ice in the glass, and a big pour of Splenda iced tea.


A TIVO-ed House Hunters for lunch break during little Granddaughter's nap.

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Fresh 3-bean salad

Beet and potato salad with anchovy dressing

Green salad with sliced smoked duck breast



Anchovy dressing? Mmmmm, anchovies. Please to provide guidance?

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Sent to me by Ampelman:



French beet & potato salad with anchovy dressing

from Jane Grigson's Vegetable Book


1 lb boiled, peeled beets

1/2 lb boiled firm, waxy potatoes

2 HB eggs, peeled

chopped parsley


2 med onions, chopped

4 Tbsp olive oil

1 tin anchovies in oil

1 tsp wine vinegar

1/4 tsp Dijon mustard



Slice beets and put in shallow bowl. Peel & slice potatoes into half-circles and arrange in a ring round the edge, slipping the straight edge down b/w the beets and edge of bowl. Mash eggs to crumbs w/fork, mix with heaped Tbsp of parsley & set aside.


For dressing, cook onions in Tbsp of oil in small pan so they become soft w/o browning. Cool and pound w/anchovies, their oil and remaining ingreds (best to use blender). Adjust seasonings. Spread dressing evenly over beets. Scatter egg over top w/extra parsley if necessary. Serve chilled.

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