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And now she’s away for a few days, our first time apart in four years. I’m already lonely, but not bored. Instead of digging into extra billable work, this morning I found a fourth wave of clothes moths to murder in her weaving studio.

But my next several meals get to be much less occidental than is admittedly deliciously and lovingly usual.

Lunch: Nanjing duck on rice, and a big salad of the usual baby kale but this time with mint from the garden, peanuts, seasoned vinegar, and sesame oil.

The salad she might’ve enjoyed. The greasy duck, no. Nor the durian mochi that’s about to follow. (I’ve got a four-pound durian, and durian wafers, waiting in the wings.)


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how come we don't have one already?   I'm inspired by the roasted red pepper I'm eating right now at my desk, marinated overnight in EVOO, red chilli and garlic, the strips rolled with anchovy and c

Wow. This is a way better lunch thread. I enjoyed reading all of it. I'll add my pedestrian goodies when I eat them.

A cold rabbit leg at my desk   v

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From the one Mercato vendor offering it, New Age Market. I'll crack it open tonight. They had a very high delivery fee, yet the deliverer (via Postmates) didn't bring it to my lobby for the contact-free delivery I'd wanted. I had to go to his parked car. At least he was masked.

I also got, from New Age and from Sunrise Mart:

Thin and fat fresh ramen noodles
Tantan soup base packets (this and the noodles lovely spouse likes; to be saved)
Crab stick
Swirly fish cake
Fish balls (plain; what I really want is the Fuzhou pork-stuffed ones)
Octopus balls (she likes, so I'll save them; though, frozen for reheating, they'll be of low quality; maybe time to splurge on a takoyaki pan)
Enoki and beech mushrooms
Rice (an order elsewhere for that having vanished in its way here)
Chinese chives and celery
Bitter melon
Noncanned bamboo shoots
Shrimp dumplings (har gow style, also to be lovingly saved)

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