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how come we don't have one already?   I'm inspired by the roasted red pepper I'm eating right now at my desk, marinated overnight in EVOO, red chilli and garlic, the strips rolled with anchovy and c

Wow. This is a way better lunch thread. I enjoyed reading all of it. I'll add my pedestrian goodies when I eat them.

I'm really nice to Significant Eater on some days at lunch... . Chittara with clams, cherry tomatoes, Calabria peppers, scallions and parsley.

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10 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

I don't usually make lunch, much less write about it.

But last week I smoked a tuna belly, and I really made sure to flavor the brine.  And it really did flavor the fish, in a really good way.

I easily could have finished the piece I'd smoked for dinner.  But as I was eating it, it occurred to me that it would make an outrageous tuna salad.  So I left some over.

One day last week, I flaked the leftover fish and mixed it with some mayonnaise, scallion, and capers.  I had intended to spritz in some lemon juice, but I forgot.

Spread on a baguette, it really was outrageously good.

Hmmm... That sounds like something I would enjoy! Did you use a stove top smoker? I'm going to try smoking brisket this weekend, so maybe I can find some tuna belly to smoke along with it. I wonder if salmon belly would be good, too. I can get salmon belly scraps for not cheap. 

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I forgot to buy tuna. I think stores are open tomorrow despite it being a holiday, so I will pick some up then. But I will start the brisket first, because it's going to take forever and a day to smoke (I'll probably finish it in the oven like I did my pork butt, because I'm too lazy to try to maintain the temp of the stupid grill all day).

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On 9/3/2020 at 6:04 AM, joethefoodie said:


A first attempt at playing around with onigiri for lunch yesterday.  Two different fillings - shown: the tuna and mayo. Not shown, some furikake. All that was on hand. This is fun, and at some point it won't look as if it were wrapped with the nori by a really drunk person.

Lest anyone think I could actually make that triangle of rice with my bare hands...no way. But have no fear...



The onigiri press is at hand!

If you try these shapes, you won't need a mould at all! 


(Back left kinda looks more like a husky, I think).     

I really want a good sea chicken onigiri, but I need to cut back on refined carbs!

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Normal egg on weird pizza.


You can't tell the pizza is weird from the picture, but it is the "market fresh" option from Freehold On the Park. Before I ordered it, I asked the server what was on it, and she said basil and tomatoes. Turned out to be cilantro, spicy pesto and cherry tomatoes. Not bad, but kinda strange.

If anyone is looking for a decent place to get pizza and salads that's very convenient (it's in the middle of Union Square), mostly empty during the day, and - because it's an open-air pavilion - suitable for both your dine-inside and dine-outside friends, you could do worse than Freehold.

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Open-faced tomato sandwiches (with the best tomatoes I'll probably get this year), bread buttered and Duked. Salted and peppered.

Gazpacho of tomatoes, cucumber, jalapeño (mild), red onion, sherry vinegar, lime juice, cilantro, salt and pepper. Light garnish of avocado and chives.

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More leftover usage (clean out the fridge on the weekends for the restock at the beginning of the week)...


Fried rice with leftover rib-eye steak, corn taken off the cob, scallions, yellow tomatoes, etc. etc. 

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