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how come we don't have one already?   I'm inspired by the roasted red pepper I'm eating right now at my desk, marinated overnight in EVOO, red chilli and garlic, the strips rolled with anchovy and c

Wow. This is a way better lunch thread. I enjoyed reading all of it. I'll add my pedestrian goodies when I eat them.

I'm really nice to Significant Eater on some days at lunch... . Chittara with clams, cherry tomatoes, Calabria peppers, scallions and parsley.

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Fried garlic shrimp over rice at a local Hawaiian festival.  (My city has one of the largest per-capita Pacific Islander populations on the mainland.)  It was good, but a lot of food for a hot day, even without finishing the rice.  I'm going to be sweating garlic for the rest of the day.

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Improv time Leftover steamed green asparagus + half price morels from my veg guy at Elisabethmarkt + old bread + eggs that needed to be used up >> cream of asparagus soup poured around a thick toasted bread raft topped with a poached egg and some crisp fried & buttered morels. Chives from the balcony. 

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insalata di riso

it’s great summer food (or any time of the year food). we are more likely to have this over pasta salad even though retro is making a comeback.

take arborio rice and cook it just like regular rice, then spread the cooked rice on a cookie sheet and cool. then combine in a bowl with chopped vegetables, cheese and cured meats, sausage, tuna fish or sardines, dress with olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice, salt and pepper.

this version contains: marinated artichoke hearts; beet salad; pickled cherry peppers; roasted tomatoes; ventresca tuna; mixed olives; and pearl onions



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Asparagus soup. Cedar plank salmon topped with Dijon mustard and everything bagel mix done on our outdoor bbq. Rice with shallots, mushrooms, and pecans.



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A South African sandwich called a Prego roll: grilled steak and Prego sauce (think chili-garlic) on a Portuguese roll.  Dutch Crunch substituted for the Portuguese roll, and we shmeared garlic butter on the grilled bread.

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8 hours ago, StephanieL said:

A South African sandwich called a Prego roll: grilled steak and Prego sauce (think chili-garlic) on a Portuguese roll.  

These have been, and remain on the menu, since the opening of Jack's Wife Freda all those years ago.

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6 hours ago, Sneakeater said:

Maybe they’re big in South Africa cuz (Portuguese) piri-piri sauce is so popular there. 

Probably.  The Portuguese were the first Europeans in South Africa, and of course Mozambique is right next door.  Many products sold in South Africa have ingredient lists, etc. in Portuguese on the packaging.

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