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If you're a man of my generation, you'll be quite excited about this: Valerie Bertinelli.

Still available: Denise Richards.

Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong?!?!

After 24 hours or so seems safe to say everyone is completely out of Anthony Weiner comments, especially jokes. Just none left. Cupboard bare. Gift that kept giving now being returned.

once a dude includes his child in the porn fest, it stops being funny, really fast

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I have to wonder why that particular incident was the straw that broke the camel's back. Her child was exposed to his father's shit long before he was included in a photo to his father's potential f-buddy.

i suspect her employer said one more time and you'll have to choose, him or me

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My favorite comment is "proof the Clintons don't have people killed"


Ab^2 is a peripheral playmate of the son. I used to joke about the whole thing with the nanny, but I just find this latest incident beyond the pale.

definitely proof unless sleazy hubbys are exempt

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They've been separated for a while with him doing most of the heavy lifting with daily childcare while she's on the campaign trail. I think he forced her hand into revealing the separation before the end of the election because this latest was just to stupid and made her look stupid by extension

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