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most recognizable opening riffs

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you hear it, and you recognize it before your brain tells you the name of the song.


"back in black": ac/dc

"satisfaction: rolling stones

"start me up": rolling stones

"hard day's night": beatles

"iron man": black sabbath

"sweet home alabama": lynyrd skynyrd


people, this is the definitive list (except for the inexplicable omission of "smoke on the water"). i wasn't actually asking for additions, just letting you know.


but since you've all gone on and on while i was on campus, i hope someone got to jethro tull and "aqualung".



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Oh, here and there.


Here's another one for this seemingly inexhaustible thread: School's Out!


This one requires the DEN notation.


Very nice. Instantly recognizable, thoughtful and erudite yet not a canonical rock classic. Deft move, indeed.



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is Pete Townshend the only rock star who has aged? Sure, the Stones have lines in their faces deeper than Mariana's Trench, but at least God didn't take their hair.


And all Pete did was love.

I thought he said it was "research".

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the egregious rolling stones omission was not "brown sugar" but "jumping jack flash". not to mention "honky tonk women".


See, I thought of Jumping Jack Flash, but assumed it had already been mentioned. Most of the Stones catalogue fits, actually. Even the obscure stuff like that mick Jagger song in Performance.


Oh! Oh! I got one. Come on. Final Countdown by Europe.


Tada daaaada Tada da da da...eet'sza finaal countdowwwwn, wee're leeving togeeethee...eeerr....


Oh, and the start of MJ's Billy Jean.


Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. God, I grew up in a bad time.

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