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It needs to stop raining so I can go out and get some damned food. I love my mom dearly but she doesn't seem to get why fried dough things that have been sitting in the fridge for 5 days would fail to make an appealing lunch. <_<

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I'm afraid to look at any headlines. China, Myanmar. The east coast...

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It's stupid hot in the Bay Area this weekend.   Open windows, in comes hot air.    Pull shades.   A friend was supposed to come over this afternoon for a backyard visit.     She called and begged off, claiming a sick-headache.   YES!     Spray water on face, neck and arms; turn on bedside fan and take a nap!   

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3 hours ago, voyager said:

September 9, 2020, the day the sun didn't come up.     Orange sky, NO SUN.  10am and looks like 8pm.    No birds.    Few cars.    Houses all lit up like a festive evening.  

Steph?    Your hood?

I just posted about that in the Surrealism of everyday life thread.  Just as bad in the East Bay.  No sun all day, dark and eerie, and about 15-20 degrees cooler than predicted.  Cats are confused.  At least there was sun yesterday, though it was red for a while.

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Yes, even lying sideways, it was awesome!


We took a drive up to the New York Botanical Gardens - timed tix for members only, but it was still (at least per the parking lot) pretty full - though once inside the grounds, it was freaking great.

EDIT:  Looks like they are selling tix to non-members too.

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