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Yes, my PayPal plug-in isn't compatible "yet," but I don't use it all that much that it's a huge factor.


I tried Opera a few years ago and didn't care for it. I don't remember why now, but I ended up dumping it. I'm sure it's quite different now than it was back then.

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I'm using Operamini on the Blackberry; still haven't decided whether I like the desktop version.


Have you figured out how to import the Blackberry browser's bookmarks into Opera? Is it even possible?

I'm getting used to the BB browser and just living with the fact that it's weird and if you keep scrolling, eventually you get what you want.

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I downloaded Firefox 3.0 because of all the acclaim here. Now, when I start to type a URL in the location bar, it not only AUTOFILLS its guesses, it shows many of the names of the websites in CHINESE.


How can I make it stop? (See below.)




Also, there is some freaky-deeky Accuweather pop-up that tells me the current temperature in Soquel, and it won't go away. If I click on it, it takes whatever browser window is open in Firefox and navigates away to the Accuweather homepage. How can I make THAT stop?


Other than that, it's okay.

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i wish the weather.com extension would be updated to work with firefox 3. i installed the accuweather extension, and it keeps telling me that it is sunny at 1 am.

I didn"t install it…can I uninstall it?

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