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I downloaded Firefox 3.0 because of all the acclaim here. Now, when I start to type a URL in the location bar, it not only AUTOFILLS its guesses, it shows many of the names of the websites in CHINESE.


How can I make it stop? (See below.)




Also, there is some freaky-deeky Accuweather pop-up that tells me the current temperature in Soquel, and it won't go away. If I click on it, it takes whatever browser window is open in Firefox and navigates away to the Accuweather homepage. How can I make THAT stop?


Other than that, it's okay.

There's an add-on that allows you to use the 2.0 location bar - one of my colleagues at work sent it to me. I'll try to log in into my work email over the weekend t and get you the link.

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Tana -- just a guess, but try clearing your caches, including font caches. Onyx does the job.


How can I thank you enough? That seems to have done the trick. Wow.



(Okay, I thanked you in size 5, not 7, because I didn't want to scare the neighbors.)

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