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Is formal dining holding its own?

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QUOTE Perhaps the confusion arises because there are new optionsplaces like Momofuku Ssamwhere you get haute European cooking without most of the trappings. But it's a misconception to suggest that

First, anyplace that forces a male to wear ties is out.   Second, anyplace that feels like a Cathedral and forces hushed tones is out.   Third, anyplace the accepts reservations appears to be on

Just because something is a ten-course New Nordic tasting menu, that doesn't make it fine dining. You still have to see how good the ingredients are and the kitchen work is. It could still be ambitiou

Aquavit is precisely what we are saying is non-existent nowadays: a successful luxury restaurant that was not a particular chef's brand extension. Aquavit did not get three stars immediately, but it was always "that kind of place". It was opened in 1987 by a Swedish hotelier, but they had no other New York restaurants.

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This is a real thing?


'...someone mentioned how their mother would request black napkins when she was wearing black. WHAT?! That was my reaction. I had legitimately never heard of this – but thought, THAT IS SO CHIC. Was this something reserved for those privileged to dine in fine-dining restaurants exclusively?'

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Ryan Sutton's Surprise (emphasis added)




Something to consider: the prix fixe dining room, which could double as a showroom for men's sports jackets, is packed at 9:30 pm on weeknights. But the small plates bar room, where the French-German fare is no less exciting (beer soup with ham hocks!), often feels quite empty. That imbalance suggests that, in Midtown at least, a certain class of diner prefers a spendy four-course meal over a cheaper collection of small plates. It also suggests that the larger culinary community has underestimated the extent to which some guests don't mind paying a bit more for more comforts and more carbs.
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