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thank you!


Camomile sounds great indeed - will tea bags do the trick? the ones that contain nothing but dried flowers?


i remember making some poached apricots with camomile (used tea bags), from Fleming's dessert book: why not with the Evelyn's grappa infusion of dried fruits, like apricot...

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So I wanted an after-dinner drink tonight.

I pulled this bottle that's been sitting around for a while.  I've had it before, obvs -- but I don't think I really tasted it.

2010 Germain-Robin DSP CA 232 Viognier Grappa

There's no more Germain-Robin, and so no more of this Grappa.  I'm sorry.

But I'm here to tell you it's insanely good.

This is the grapiest Grappa I think I've ever had.  Sure, you get that basic aftertaste of windshield-wiper fluid:  otherwise, it woudn't be Grappa.  But on the way, it tastes like . . .VIognier.  Just like the label says.

I think this is a tremendous achievement.  Just about a perfect after-dinner drink.  Everything you ever wanted in a Grappa.

If you can find some:  GET IT.

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