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2008 Olympics in Beijing

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I also noticed that the mens water polo team played in rather skimpy speedos.


Less for players from the opposing team to grab, plus they can move through the water quicker. They wear tight bathing suits to keep their assets close to their bodies due to the amount of kicking etc that goes on underneath the water.


The men's team did amazingly well, winning the silver medal, their first medal in ~20 years, when they were ranked 9th coming into the tournament. Their match against Serbia, which they won 10-5, was especially gratifying as the Serbians were rumored to have thrown their previous match so they could play the Americans next, whom they viewed as an easy opponent.

I know Aaron. I was joking. Always protect your assets!

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The speed swimmers all wear those full length new body suits. I think the water polo teams stick to the skimpy Speedo shorts for the same reason the girl vollyballers were skimpy outfits. Eye candy.


They don't wear full length body suits for the same reasons that divers don't, neither are speed swimmers.


They're in and out of the water, why wear extra material that just stays wetter longer when there's no benefit to the sport?

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Can anyone tell me why the horses don't receive medals in the equestrian events?

Horses compete for the pure joy of it. They're uninterested in anything as crass as medals.


they'd rather have carrots . . . or a mare.

Aren't the ones that go over fences gelded (for obvious reasons)?

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This reminds me of somehing I overheard at Gordon Ramsey the other day.


One person said to another: What do the NY Times restaurant critic and the Olympics have in common?


A: One is a amateur, the other is amateurish.

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