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The Palm Steakhouse

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Herradura Tequila Dinner


Went to this fun event last night at The Palm West Side in NYC. Here is the menu:




Palm Ultimate Margaritas with Herradura Reposado




First Course


Colossal Lump Crab and Cantaloupe Margarita


Jalapeno, Orange Juice, Lime Juice and Tequila


~ paired with Herradura Silver




Second Course


Tequila & Lime Marinated Nova Scotia Lobster Salad


Baby Greens, Ancho Pepper and Black Beans, Pico, Guacamole and Blue Corn Tortillas


~ paired with Herradura Reposado




Third Course (choice of)




Aged Filet Mignon


Three Potato Hash with Poblano Peppers, Wild Mushrooms, and Anejo Cream Sauce








Oven Roasted Cumin Crusted Mahi Mahi Fillet


Cilantro Rice, Honey-Lime Dressing and Black Bean and Corn Relish


~ paired with Herradura Anejo




Family Style Sides


Mashed Boniato Root


Creamed Spinach




Fourth Course (choice of)


Fresh Mangoes


Vanilla Ice Cream and Tequila-Cinnamon Glaze




Trio of Sorbets


Served Margarita Style


~ followed by a toast with limited edition Herradura Seleccion Suprema


I think they forgot to put the sauce on the crab, otherwise everything was very good. Best part was the raffle at the close of the dinner for a bottle of Herradura Seleccion Suprema which I won. Found out this morning it retails for $250-$350 per bottle!

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Went to the Palm last night for the first time in maybe 25 years as part of the Extended Johnsonian Leavetaking.


Maybe it was the company, or maybe it was the poignance of seeing friends who, before you know it, will be living in Diss, but it seemed really great.


It started badly. I was the first to arrive. The restaurant was nearly empty. They wouldn't seat me. They directed me to wait at the bar. This normally would be more than fine with me. But, THE BAR HAS NO STOOLS. We often -- and Pete Wells does it in his Allison 18 review this week -- make fun of how uncomfortable the New Wave Of New York Restaurants makes their patrons. But this, among the most Old Skool of the Old Skool, vies to outdo them.


About a third of the way into my Martini, I stopped caring.


So, dinner. They have menus now. That's a change. Maybe the only one. (Well, one other change is that the menu doesn't list Prime Rib, which they used to do here splendidly.) But things were otherwise unchanged enough to permit ordering on autopilot. I had an appetizer of Clams Oregonata, the table shared a Double New York Strip, with creamed spinach and Half & Half on the side.


Clams Oreganata are either disgusting or pretty great. These were pretty great. Not too much breading. Not too much oil. Very well seasoned. This is something you don't want to admit you like -- but I'll bet many of us do. This is the place to get them.


I was given one of the shrimps from Yvonne's cocktail. It was a very good shrimp: plump, but full of flavor. The cocktail sauce, when combined with the very assertive horseradish, was excellent. I've never had the lobster here, but I can see why people say it's so good.


People argue whether the steak here is dry-aged or not. My suspicion is that the two 2nd Ave. locations get dry-aged steak, and the multitude of other locations don't. Our strip seemed to have that minerally tang. But however this steak was aged, it was nearly perfect. Great char, but unlike the Old Skool Ital-American competition at Sparks, not too salty. Fantastic char, really: just what you want on a steak. Loved it.


And the sides! Palm's creamed spinach is up there with anyone's. But that's creamed spinach: how good can it be? But the Half & Half! Is there a better steakhouse side dish anywhere in these United States? I doubt it. Wonderful thin greaseless onion rings -- relatively light and graceful, not the bruisers you usually see -- and chip-like (U.S. usage) cottage fries. This frying is peerless. Maybe it isn't always so, but it was for us last night. It would be easy for this dish to be disgusting, clogged with grease. But not ours. We just couldn't stop munching on it.


Because two of us are about to leave New York, and because all three of us are subject to overeating on occasion, we actually had dessert, splitting a cheesecake. It was sort of halfway between an Italian cheesecake and a Jewish cheesecake. It was a good thing for people about to leave New York to have.


People always complain about the wine list here, but to me it's better than Luger's. You're not going to find any bargains here, but there are things you can drink. We had a (actually two) 2009 Guidalberto, the second wine of the people who make Sassicaia. Sure it was marked up almost three times retail, but despite its youth it drank very well -- and was a perfect match for an Italian-American steakhouse dinner.


Put succinctly, the Palm is a blast. You might not want to go there all the time, but I'm sorry I waited 25 years.

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I loved the meal too.


I did feel I might've been walking into a public toilet on entry: creaky doors and dark brown painted dark hallways, but there's something very charming about the old warren with worn wood, lovely booths, and friendly staff. And what's not to like about champagne $13 per glass.


The shrimps were terrific. Ditto half and half and the creamed spinach was truly delicious. I liked the steak too, but I can't take too much of it anywhere. I'm so glad to have gone.And yes the cheesecake is fab-- a bit more solid than Juniors and better for it.


That Tuscan was great too.


PS: I always remember that Tommy likes The Palm. Shout out to Tommy: eats.

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sounds like a wonderful time.. i lived across the street from this Palm for 4 years. I would go at least once a month. One of the only things I miss about my old apartment, they kept sending me each year, some persons birthday card with a coupon for a free lobster in it. By the time I left, i too was getting sent a free lobster on my birthday. So, the person who bought my old place, now gets two free lobsters a year.

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When I was a kid and teenager, young adult (I'm 57) there were no menus. Same as the Luger shtick..some grumpy old guy comes to your table and asks if you're ready to order. Be prepared for a glare if you ask for a menu or what do you have.


My grandfather was a regular and took me often. Being able to get a table quickly and knowing what/how to order was a great way to impress friends and dates..:)


I was on that free lobster deal in Boston for a while but don't go that often anymore. They sometimes offer very good deals on large lobsters.


The story used to be that they only dry aged on 2nd Ave; but that could have changed. They serve wet aged in Boston and other hinterland branches.


A highlight was seeing and chatting with Don King and his wife/date on the night after he had promoted a fight at MSG. Friends and I were ringside for Roberto Duran vs Carlos Palomino. Duran won by TKO in a brawl, and Palomino effectively retired after the fight. Duran had a great career tarnished by his "no mas" infamy. Heavyweight champ Larry Holmes went 12 rounds with a muscular Mike Weaver before winning by TKO.The fight was supposed to be an easy win for Holmes but wasn't. It was 1979 and I was living large...:)


eta...I just watched some youtube of the Duran Palomino fight. There were so mny body shots that my ribs were hurting after the fight. While that fight was the undercard, there was far more fan interest than in the main event.

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Not one of the sports best moments..though I'm sure King made out ok.


Another clunker was Tyson/Spinks. Went with some friends and paid $30 or so to watch it on big screen in a rock club (long gone Channel)....91 seconds andit was over.

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I was really surprised when I was presented with a menu at the Tribeca Palm, because as far as I was aware, there were no menus at the original or at Too. And that even though I wasn't interested in ordering it, the menu did not list Steak à la Stone (no, not our Stone, I don't think: he's too young). Still, a disappointment.

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I wanted to have a word with Don King after Tyson bit Holyfield's ear and he was heard saying "We're all losers tonight."


I wanted to tell him, I'm out fifty bucks, how about you?


I meant to ask Mike about that but I don't know how good I can swim with a broken jaw or head..:)Max, the boat cat didn't like him and Mike asked if he bit..I toyed with the idea of saying "only the ears" but exercised judgement and said no...:)


mike and david

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