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The Bruni Thread

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Readers might be interested in a review of the Modern by Moira Hodgson in the Observer. She follows the trail blazed by Bruni (reviewing both the dining room and the bar room), but applies crisp, unfussy prose for the purpose. References the artwork to give context, too.




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Tom Scocca's column (NY Observer)has an article by Gabriel Sherman on Mr Bruni's style. Several of his points have been made here during the past few months.


There are many people quoted, Drew Nierpoint, the Bruni blog, Marian Burros, Mario Batali, etc. Not to my surprise, Mr Bruni immensely enjoys the dust he's kicked up in chat rooms, resto kitchens, etc. Note the comment on "redefining the guard" toward the end.



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The general media assumption - which may well be wrong, of course - that Bruni's star-removal caused Ducasse not to renew his contract, reflects badly on the lack of a level playing field for restaurants. Given some recent reports on Le Bernardin, Ripert did well to spot Bruni on his first visit, and thereafter "cook for him". Who knows what the outcome might have been if Delouvrier had been forewarned, but Le B. had treated Frank like a clueless rube who can't pick up a martini without spilling it?


Maybe I should reply to Dan Okrent. I hate to think of him having nothing to do. :)

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